Welcome to the Internet home of the Piermont Reformed Church. Our church was founded in 1839 as a congregation of the Reformed Church in America. The word “reformed” comes from an earlier name, “The Church of Jesus Christ, Catholic, Reformed According to the Word of God.” For us, the Bible, interpreted by the Spirit, is an utterly dependable guide for our living. An early teacher of the Reformation movement said the Church should be semper reformanda – always reforming. God is always leading us in new directions.

We, as a spiritual family…

• proclaim the unique and special manifestation of God in the human being Jesus Christ

• stand by all who are growing in that faith

• honor the quest and questions of all who are seeking knowledge of God

• give full love and support to those who do not yet believe, yet share in the life of this caring community

We hope to be channels for God’s love to enter and transform this world, instruments of God’s peace, agents of compassion, and servants of God’s will, that all people may live in dignity and harmony and joy.

By God’s grace alone we know that God is Love, loving us and empowering us to love one another.

We invite you to share in our journey.

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